German Dairy Show 2019 (day 2): bubbles and champagne shower for Alessja

Surpreme Champion Loh TJ Alessja

The second day (27 June 2019) of the German Dairy Show was all about the red and black Holstein cows. In alternation, they populated the show ring, so that the 2,000 interested spectators got their money's worth. The new Supreme Champion Loh TJ Alessja was celebrated frenetically with soap bubbles and champagne shower. But one after the other.

Organizer German Livestock Association from Bonn lured cow-loving farmers from all over Germany to the EWE Arena in Oldenburg with a new show concept. After the heifers of the red and black Holsteins had already chosen their winners yesterday evening, the second calf cows started the show this Thursday.


Young and middle classes

The current Miss Show of the Best, Loh TJ Alessja, at the hand of her owner Jake Lohmöller from Emsbüren, already dominated her class with ease. She continued her triumphal march with the winning title of the young classes. The Luxembourg Reserve Champion and reigning European Champion Dandy (v.: Long P, owner: Rising Star Holsteins, Hupperdange, Luxembourg) gritted her teeth out at her completeness and balance. The counterpart for the red-coloured cows with two calving was the European show participant FG Natalie by Henrik Wille from Essen and Mox Moocha by Mock GbR from Markdorf. FG Natalie (V.: Mad Max) shone with her elegance and udder strength ahead of the type-strong Mox Moocha.

Two years ago the Atwood daughter Edlihtam won the heifers' title. Today she had a say in the cows with three calvings from the beginning. Judge Markus Mock described her as a complete package that won the title with a lot of strength and milk type. Only a few grains decided about victory and reserve victory and in this case it was a real surprise victory for Liviana von der Morisse GbR from Bremen. Their owners had reckoned with everything, but not that the journey would end with the reserve victory. Mock spoke of the Gold Chip daughter as a true powerhouse with a natural and winning charisma.


Older Classes

With their breasts swollen with pride, the old cows entered the show ring with four calves and more to face the critical and admiring gaze of judges and spectators. According to Mock and Andrea Uhrig (judge of the red coloured cows) it is a real feast for the eyes to have this high number of deserved old cows in a ring in front of you. But they also had to choose the most beautiful among themselves. Fux Seattle (v.: Gold Chip) from Hahn/Radke Holsteins GbR from Eppendorf was a must; her rear udder and her tight topline were unparalleled and the winning title was only a logical consequence. Close on her heels was the Queen of Germany and Lady Gaga from Henrik Wille and Friedrich Köster from Essen, known across all borders.

The moment of surprise for the sisters Tönjes from Hude seemed to last forever. With open mouths they followed the success story of their Eiskoenigin (V.: Sacarno). After a sovereign class victory, she won the title of the red-coloured, older cows thanks to a bombastic udder, which convinced with a fine udder texture, as well as an insane milk character and physique. The successful GHH Marie (V. Talent 2) from the Kastens GbR from Stuhr, who is well known on the European parquet, joined her behind. She impressed jury member Uhrig with her crystal-clear foundation, her balance and her excellently veined udder.

Champions among themselves

Die Champions der German Dairy Show 2019

Before the champion of all six breeds, the Supreme Champion, should be named, it came to a small climax. The Grand Champion of the red and black cows should be chosen. Anyone who still had Andrea Uhrig's comments in mind could already imagine his champion. None was like her on this day: FG Natalie showed her best side at the final line-up between her colleagues Specialred and Ice Queen. The Cup of the Grand Champion of the Red Holsteins was undisputedly hers.

The most complete cow of the day - Alessja - stood in no way inferior to her. Markus Mock attributed to her the talent that she had the most chances on the international stage and that she also has the best udder of the day. Champagne showers came through Jake Lohmöller and his Alessja for the coveted Grand Champion title. No respite was given to the two of them. A short moment of joy and the Supreme Champion - the champion of all breeds - was chosen.


The six representatives of the breeds Jersey, Angler, Brown Swiss, Simmental as well as Red Holsteins and Holsteins entered the show ring one after the other. A murmur went through the crowd - an unprecedented moment in Germany - all breeds at once in one show ring. THL Prinzessin, Rana, Fuchsi, Blüte, FG Natalie and Loh TJ Alessja faced the judgement of all four judges (Andrea Uhrig, Markus Mock, Ernst Grabner and Thomas Hannen). A short breath and the soap bubbles trickled down on an overjoyed Jake and a beautiful Alessja. (dw)

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